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Thanks for not hiring me

I was watching the Hedy Lamarr film, Bombshell, last night. In it, there's a comment on "crime fighter by night." She's one of my heroes, it's known long before this blog.

Hedy Lamarr, like me, was an Austrian Jew, and a Frequency expert. She was a Sirian starseed frequency and physics prodigy like me. Sirians frequency prodigies include Tesla, and the other German Jew, Einstein. Tesla also studied at the Technical institute in Graz, Austria. I know this fact for very specific reasons.

Lamarr developed frequency hopping technology. She has patents. Sirian starseed empaths like me use this in our own work, in activation. As in, we don't need any materials. We can just frequency hop. I do it all of the time.

Also, my ops on David prove this to be true. See my post on David about my frequency ops.

The one thing that stuck out to me was that the company mentioned in the documentary... I had been submitted for many jobs at that company over many years. Not once was I hired. So for a culture to admire Hedy Lamarr, you sure don't see the truth about the real one in front of you.

Yes, like Einstein and me, we're all Jews.

I've been fighting crime at night, and working by day in the tech world. You just missed out on the real one.

Even Hedy herself said something to the effect of, missing the intelligence of the person in front of you. That company did.

There must be something with Austrian Jewish Frequency prodigies. Even the Austrian government wouldn't give me citizenship as promised as part of reparations from World War 2, since both my grandparents were Austrian Jews and left. Not everyone in my family survived the Holocaust.

I've been winning cases against spiritual crews using frequency hopping techniques and physics for years now. I'm a Sirian Austrian Jew starseed frequency prodigy.

Other famous Sirians:


Pythagoras (the Pythagorean school is on, my frequency model)



Hedy Lamarr

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