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Light Tech

Applied physics of frequency, vibration, and energy

from the Holy Grail on

on the Galactic Federation's Sirian gates...

successfully as the first Chief Light Tech Officer in history


Top Banana
Freedom Trajectories on the Sirian Gates 

In 2020, I started running my Sirian trajectories with Freedom and Light gate code. I added Top Banana Freedom Trajectories in 2021. I was recognized as the Top Banana for my Freedom Trajectories on the Sirian Gates.

Here's some of the first evidence of my work on Lionsgate.


Sirian Gate David op successfully implemented and showing positive results
in 6 months

For full information, see the Sirian Gate David op on in the section below.  

Here's the information on Sirian Gate David's op working

Sirian Lionsgate

Light Tech on Sirian gates run in Gate Code/Light Code 

Transforming the frequency

from the 5 point satanic ritual star

to the 6 point Star of David 10 commandments original tribe of 12 real Sirian Jew spiritual twins

The Pleaidian plan is to shut down Hitler principalities. The galactic federation sent starseeds to incarnate into old Jewish bloodlines devastated by the Holocaust, and other demonic mission wars.


The unification of the Tribe of David is happening.


The big op for the galactic federation Sirian Jews is Star of David, which is the Light conversion to 6 point Star of David.

The current Sirian David op



It matches the current Sirian Jews and this material tactical

David's Sling


Frequency conversion begins at 7D,

and the frequency changes the geometry of the energy all the way through 3D

The op runs from now for the next decade 


Sirian Lionsgate

Light Tech on Sirian gates run in Gate Code/Light Code 

Transforming the frequency 

Sirian gates run the antidote to 6 categories of witchcraft 

Dispelling the world consistently every month 

starting on Lionsgate 2020 victory of Light 

The Moses op is successful 

Gate code is Democracy Light Code 

The op runs forever

First Thought Circuit

Developed on my own, in combination with my nonlinear model on The Miraculist, now

The world's first though circuit by Tova Katz

The top papers to read are at the bottom of the model where it begins

Paper 1

Paper 2

Paper 3

Paper 4

Paper 5

Paper 6

Paper 7

Paper 8

Paper 9

Paper 10

Paper 11

Paper 12

Paper 13

Paper 14

Paper 15

Paper 16

Paper 17

Paper 18

Paper 19

Paper 20

Paper 21

Paper 22

The entire model took 6+ years with daily work to build starting in 2013 with updates since 2019

Actual physics frequency work of applied physics from my model is being proven now on Sirian gates in Light Tech

The model and the Holy Grail are one of a kind, and have certain things in them that cannot be duplicated. If you are not me, then no, you can't copy it. Please stop trying to copycat and steal my work. You didn't do any of the work -- I did. You just end up with a case of identity theft and identity fraud. 


Rich in Words

All of my other projects are Light Tech

Applied physics in business and commerce that I developed. It's proven to increase revenue and unique visits for businesses of all sizes through content and physics, vibration, frequency, and energy.  





The best way to use the first thought circuit on the planet

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