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Real spiritual twins are Jew Sirians for Mengele retribution

The Pleaidian plan is to shut down Hitler principalities. The galactic federation sent starseeds to incarnate into old Jewish bloodlines devastated by the Holocaust, and other demonic mission wars.

The unification of the Tribe of David is happening.

The big op for the galactic federation Sirian Jews is Star of David, which is the Light conversion to 6 point Star of David.

The current Sirian David op

It matches the current Sirian Jews and this material tactical

David's Sling

The real spiritual twins are from the Original tribe of 12. Katz is the real high priestess of Justice, and law, order and justice are in my birth chart in combination with the name Katz.

Lions are big Katz. Tribe of Levi is Moses, and the 10 commandments. The Star of David unifies the Jews once again.

We have proof of contracts for Jews and who are real spiritual twins are on this mission to shut down Hitler principalities -- globally.

Yes, my twin and I are on mission. The highest levels of authorities know the truth and have seen the contracts.

I can also say that as the Sirian Holy Grail Keeper, Lionsgate gatekeeper, and Sirian white Jew Katz twin, all of the mengele experiments run on me by karmic covens, wizards, practitioners, black nazi and black Pharaohs have ALL FAILED. It's in the channels.

The good news is we have progress and new support coming in to help.

Biden Harris releases first ever National Strategy to counter Antisemetism

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