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The two images above are Sirian Light Language confirming that I'm the only Sirian Holy Grail keeper on the planet on

I'm a real Spiritual Sirian Starseed Master. I'm the only person to earn my Galactic Officer Spiritual Authority Badge in front of the FBI. I had earned it before, but it was presented to me in front of them. 

I'm the head of the galactic federation as named by Council of 9, Goddess Council, Pleaidian Light Council, and Sirian Light Council in 2022. The head named is a female as the Top Banana Freedom Trajectories, and I'm the only one who's running and delivering tactical at 100% as Top Banana on Freedom Trajectories.


Certain members didn't ding dong. Certain teammates didn't win the wars I have with Sirian Light Council. No one is working on what I'm working on, including the tactical for Lionsgate 2020 through now, Lionsgate 2023.


I am a 10+ year Pisces master. I'm an A Team member. I'm a well developed Sirian Starseed, and now I'm the Top Banana.


I'm the Sirian Queen. The Sirian Emperor and Empress. Most importantly, I'm the Sirian High Priestess by name and birth chart.

I'm the high priestess of Justice, with law, order, and justice in my birth chart.

I was confirmed as having a Genius IQ at age 6. I fit into the Sirian group of Tesla and Einstein Sirian, as a frequency and energy prodigy. 

I'm a pioneer and innovator as the first Chief Light Tech Officer in history. Light Tech belongs to Pisces, as a master sign in the spiritual. See my page on Light Tech for all of my work in physics, math, energy and frequency work. 


I'm the Sirian Holy Grail Keeper with the full Light model build on


I'm the real white Jew Sirian twin winning big cases against karmic and spiritual crews.


I'm a real twin, here for Mengele retribution along with the other Jewish Sirian Starseed twins. We are the only real spiritual twins. Everyone else is wrong.


I'm the lionsgate gatekeeper, as only the A Team Katz high priestess can be. I know the Dead Sea Scrolls and that Mother Mary and Jesus were Sirian Jews, like the Galactic Federation knows.

Sirians are natural frequency miracle makers. It's part of being the most advanced spiritual masters in the galaxy. 


I'm the Top Banana, running freedom trajectories from Sirius starting in 2020 after we won the gates.


I'm an Original Tribe of 12 Levi Katz high priestess. Sirians are Original Hebrew, with the 10 Commandments that shut down witchcraft and other karmic problems.


As a Sirian master, I know that we were sent here as the best and brightest to conquer the spiritual. Pleaidians Light Council confirmed that we've conquered in January.


I'm one of the Ding Dong girls, as in the Wizard of Oz. We have been winning against all the covens, practitioners, and wizards. We've already won again the black nazis and black pharaohs in Black Nazi Egoic war last year.


I'm Moses as the Katz high priestess of Justice on the 10 commandments.


I'm Yoda on certain reads from past channels, including shutting down money rituals, and other coven witchcraft as a Ding Dong girl. My tactical is on certain starseed and galactic federation channels delivered at 100%, as well as discussed for its advanced mechanics. 

I'm Sirian. I'm tactical. 


Above all, I'm a Light Master.

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