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Greetings beloved Light Emissaries! 

I'm the head of the galactic federation.


You'll find info on Light Tech, classes, the federation speak easy events, and a Sirian Soul Speak Easy on topics related to the galactic federation and core starseeds members. 


Additionally, my work on Light Tech and the Holy Grail are here. There's info on Sirian high priestess and tactical services, classes, help with building material cases, and more.


Sirian Light Tech Gatekeeper, Holy Grail Keeper and Master 

Find out why my Light Tech is the most advanced in the galaxy, as a Sirian gatekeeper. This includes my work on the Holy Grail and Sirian gates.


See all the services 

With many different types of services, find the right one for you.


Sirian soul speak easy



Sirian Council Light Tech

Thanks for connecting!

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