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Updates on David proof

I'm the Katz Sirian White Jew high priestess of Justice

For the win


Part 1


Steal kill destroy torture money satanic rituals frequency 

Mental torture 

Islam stole everything from Judaism 






Hamas is a Hitler principalities 

PLO + Arab countries + Hitler + Husseini 

Literally nazi Hitler 

Palestinians do not have a constructive bone in their national body

Critical race theory is the new eugenics of Nazi Germany

Black nazis and black pharaohs are the new nazis and critical race theory is Hitler 

They don't like Life 

Hamas generate a satanic ritual steal kill destroy torture money frequency 

5 points satanic rituals frequency 

Steal kill destroy torture money 


Dark magicians

Two-faced shapeshifter snakes 


Shepherd best friend and using kids while in Tunisia spending billions 

Those who accuse Israel of doing what they’ve done/they’re doing 

Kill everyone who is not Muslim 

Jihad holy war 

Kill destroy torture 

45 minutes raw footage 


Drink blood

One of the 12 vampires from previous starseeds energy work 

She represents Hamas

Blood sacrifice 


Hamas Palestinians 

5 points satanic rituals frequency 

Steal kill destroy torture money 

Blood sacrifice in the spiritual with jihad 

Ethnic cleansing of Jews by Arabs

Kill destroy torture 



Demons demonically possessed 

Tunisia spending billions 

Muslim colonialism was always their plan 

They want their law and only their law 

That’s the plan

They want to sacrifice

Her dad committed GENOCIDE 

Hamas killed Palestinian kids in FRONT of this JOURNALIST 

It’s Hamas who is killing their own kids 

First hand witness 

They don’t value life

Literally what she’s said in the video 

Palestinians do not have a constructive bone in their national body



Part 2

Jews are nice and kind

The dogma and doctrine 

It’s a sin to hate Jews

Vatican ends inquisition thinking 

Quran says Israel is for the Jews


Jews love life

Pisces = Adar


12th house

Hamas = Haman

Jews Israelis 

6 points Star of David frequency


Life liberty the pursuit of happiness 

Love life 

David US = the Declaration of Independence life liberty and the pursuit of happiness 

Constructive positive



Pleidians plan is to shut down Hitler principalities 

Moses v. Hitler principalities 


Israel freedom 

Safe haven 


Jews are indigenous 

Jews are indigenous

Jews are indigenous

Wall has been there thousands of years longer than when Islam STOLE and COPIED Judaism

We paid for our birthright indigenous land 

The galactic federation is comprised of 5 groups of starseeds empaths lightworkers:

Sirian Pleidians arcturians andromedans and Lyrans

Sirians are alpha 

The top tier has 3 Sirian jew females 

We are shutting down Hitler principalities as outlined in the Pleidians plan 


Top banana freedom trajectories 

Hard to mess with 


Sirians won the spiritual realm as Light Masters on Lionsgate 2020 

Literally me 

Katz white Jew Pisces Sirian high priestess of justice

Sirians are the most advanced spiritual warriors 


Levi Original tribe of 12

Katz lions

I’m literally a descendant of Moses 

Einstein Hedy Lamarr

I’m a frequency/energy/physics prodigy 

Katz Sirian Jew Levi high priestess of justice 

I’m a descendant of Moses original tribe of 12 

Sirian frequency 

Tikun olam 



Chai = 18 = life 


Tesla’s Key of 9

Life liberty the pursuit of happiness 

Tesla’s key of 6 in word count 


Pisces Adar

Jews are moral and have a conscience 

I’m winning on David op

I’m the Sirian Katz white Austrian Jew high priestess of justice lionsgate gatekeeper 

Support of India

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