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Zeus and the retractable claws

In a recent turn of events, I had a membership on a Light Council channel. The reader, just another channeler, turned off comments, and proceeded to take money to help a troll on membership to troll me.

One of many reads, the most recent said, you have a troll (black nazi black pharaoh slave driver) which is correct and has been the case for a few years. He has an evil twin who's just as problematic. Then the troll paid for the membership to troll me and manipulate one of many reads for his slave driver agenda. He's known for falsifying evidence, smear campaigns, lies, manipulation, copying my identity and work, and myriad other things that his bosses know all about for the past few years.

Since she cut off the comments, I emailed her.

She proceeded to scold me for it.

I posted comments in MEMBERSHIP telling her that I emailed, and that she needs to stop being harsh with real teammates.

If I pay for membership, then you owe me excellent customer service.

However, she spends more time and reads kissing the asses of Karmics who are attempting to steal rewards, clone, copycat, and try to manipulate contracts. They're not getting anything from the federation. Karmics are not in the federation. No amount of reads mean you're getting Sirian rewards and good karma. You'll find yourself in no man's land.

Of course, there are reads of all my tactical work to which she profits off of on her channel.

I have since

  1. Shut down my membership. I do not support her with money anymore.

  2. Unsubscribed

  3. Pulled all Federation resources out

  4. Removed all rewards from her akashic records

Her latest reads say that we need to clean out the witchcraft on monthly and membership.

The entire monthly read talks about Lions in the Galactic Federation, to which that is all about Sirian tactical. Zeus is a tactical nod at not crossing the Sirians. I am the head of the Galactic Federation, and I'm Sirian, as well as I'm tactical on ding dong and other shut downs of witchcraft on voodoo.

You should NOT have crossed the Sirians.

Here's my response

Since you scolded me, and I'm the head of the federation, you can fend for yourself without any tactical skills. You can stew in the witchcraft, because all I heard you do was take credit for my tactical work and good karma on winning against Black Nazi Black Pharaoh grey shapeshifter slave driver demons.

I won't lift a finger to help you with any witchcraft. When you ask Light Council for help, you'll be receiving a NO on this. No one on the team will help you. We will not be helping you with any tactical in the background. All resources were removed and left your channel, because you're arrogant, condescending, disrespectful, and scold real teammates.

I was selected as the head of the federation. Not you.

Channelers are below me, and everyone else in the federation. You are at the bottom. You don't tell me anything.

I give you orders.

That's how this works in this army of Light.


As for other evidence on channels, the real Sirian Lions were empathetic and blocked the slave driver black nazi black pharaoh evil twins. Not only did they back on me getting justice, getting my damages paid in full, but also in apologizing for the shit that happened to me. This slave driver and his evil twin went way too far, and are now accountable for years of problems.

When you say ra, ma'at, Horus and "I'm tired of white jews" you are a black nazi black pharaoh grey shapeshifter slave driver. People have been told this directly. It's on your own videos proving it. You can't get out of this.

The real Sirian Lions will never allow any karmic to get a contract into the galactic federation.

There are no contracts for liars, frauds, manipulators, shapeshifters, clones, and people running mengele experiments on the federation.

As for the Light Council channeler, like all the other channelers, we don't want you in the spiritual authority building. The point has been made known to those working on building plans. You must have 100% readability skills without cards. I do. All tactical have read skills at 100% without cards. You're useless, arrogant, and scold the wrong people. Perhaps now you'll find out what it's like not having support, just like you did to me.

When the Sirians say, see what happens when you cross the Sirians, and Zeus... well you'll see. Yoda vision.

If you scold the head of the galactic federation, don't expect any support from the galactic federation. If you're disrespectful, arrogant, selfish, help Karmics, kiss kermis's asses on good karma reads that belong to the federation, support Karmics on membership -- expect the federation to leave and pull all resources. Don't ask for help in clearing witchcraft when you're awful to the head of the federation.

Furthermore, the real Sirian lions displayed what real teammates do -- love, loyalty, empathy, and most of all, care about my well-being and safety. They were nice and respectful to me.

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