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Winning Cases

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Not all Light Tech has to be a material object. As the first Chief Light Tech Officer in history, and the first to earn my Galactic Officer badge in front of the FBI (even tho I had it long before it was given to me in front of them), Sirian tactical and gate work is proving to be more powerful in Light Tech. That's where I'm a real Light Master. Starseeds and Sirians are the real Light Masters.

A letter

I was involved with a project where I was lectured for doing all the work on my model on when I refused to allow a kid to steal my work. He wrote some letter and is now trying to profit as the IT boy. What he won't tell you is that he went through my work at 2 am on and copied it. He also lied. He texted me, and Pleaidian Light Council confirmed that he was lying.

The kicker is, only a Sirian can be the Holy Grail keeper. And he's not Sirian.

I am Sirian. I have the Holy Grail.

No, you can't copy me. That's what the covens and black nazi, black pharaoh grey shapeshifters do. Then lie and slander me. Then earn money off of my work.

Do not copy Sirian 10+ year masters. I have the evidence to prove his lies. Why do you believe copycats?

Covens Wizards and Practitioners

#won and there are many cases with these types in the spiritual realm

Well... it's known.

The witchcraft. The karmic cloning. The copying real starseeds personalities, identities, work, and information.

Take a class, or book a service for help against a spiritual crew.


You believe a liar who said she was a Sirian. She's not, she's black Pharaoh, black nazi. She doesn't do anything but call on Tehudi and then tries to profit of the galactic federation's work. She said I'm tired of white Jews. Sirians are real spiritual twins for mengele retribution, and so she fucked herself. Sirians are white Jews. The use of maat, ra, and Horus proved the black pharaoh.

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