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Updated David proof

Here’s my updated proof in 2 parts Part 1 Updates on LIFE They don't like Life Hamas generate a satanic ritual steal kill destroy torture money frequency 5 points satanic rituals frequency Steal kill destroy torture money Lucifer Dark magicians Two-faced shapeshifter snakes Verbatim Shepherd best friend and using kids while in Tunisia spending billions Those who accuse Israel of doing what they’ve done/they’re doing Kill everyone who is not Muslim Jihad holy war Kill destroy torture 45 minutes raw footage Tamimi Drink blood One of the 12 vampires from previous starseeds energy work She represents Hamas Blood sacrifice Vampires Hamas Palestinians 5 points satanic rituals frequency Steal kill destroy torture money Blood sacrifice in the spiritual with jihad Ethnic cleansing of Jews by Arabs Kill destroy torture Money Money Money Greed Tunisia spending billions Demons Demonically possessed Muslim colonialism was always their plan They want their law and only their law That’s the plan They want to sacrifice Her dad committed GENOCIDE Hamas killed Palestinian kids in FRONT of this JOURNALIST It’s Hamas who is killing their own kids First hand witness They don’t value life Literally what she’s said in the video Vs. Here’s my updated proof in 2 parts Part 2 Einstein Hedy Lamarr I’m a frequency/energy/physics prodigy Katz Sirian Jew Levi high priestess of justice I’m a descendant of Moses original tribe of 12 Sirian frequency Jews Israelis 6 points Star of David frequency Freedom Life liberty the pursuit of happiness Love life 10 commandments Levi Katz high priestess of justice Moses descendant Levi Constructive positive David Pleidians plan is to shut down Hitler principalities Moses v. Hitler principalities David Israel freedom Safe haven Freedom Jews are indigenous Moses 10 commandments Original tribe of 12 I’m a direct descendant from Moses Katz kohenim Levi tribe I’m the Katz Sirian white Jew high priestess of Justice

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Updates on David proof

I'm the Katz Sirian White Jew high priestess of Justice For the win David Part 1 Islam Steal kill destroy torture money satanic rituals frequency Mental tor

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I have an entire circuit literally built on energy When the rabbi explains the Katz sirian Jew frequency prodigy The theory of everything I’m the only S


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