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The Galactic Federation backs the Navajo Rangers

There's a series on the Navajo Rangers. They are battling covens and shapeshifters. They are up against the same Dark Masters that the Galactic Federation is winning against, and has been since Lionsgate 2020.

The Sirian lionsgate and Pisces masters 10+ years (I'm at 14 years) who are spiritually gifted like the Navajo Rangers, have been winning against covens in our Ding Dong (The Wizard of Oz is a milestone). We have conquered all of these Hitler principalities of demons on a demonic mission.

We understand the nature of their spiritual work and gifts. We fully support the Navajo Rangers, and invite them to work with the starseeds.

Sirian gatekeepers can assist on the shut down of dark portals, shapeshifters, and other problems that the Navajo Rangers are facing.

The Galactic Federation are Light Masters with Galactic Officer badges and are happy to extend any and all assistance to shutting down the covens, shapeshifters, dark portals, and other problems that are on Navajo Nation as well as any other Native American reservation.

We understand you completely. There are ways to win. There are ways to help you in your cases. We, the Galactic Federation of starseed Light Masters, are winning these cases and battles.

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