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The Galactic Federation Light Masters vs. Witchcraft Dark Masters

All advanced masters know the truth -- no Light Masters use witchcraft or any magicianry whatsoever.

This lionsgate is focused on PAX Partnership with the development of the Queen. From the royal houses of Sirius, the light activations are natural to starseeds. I encourage all starseeds to take classes from Alison Armstrong and pax partnership. We are encoding the Light downloads to partnership. The classes will help you develop as an empath. This includes learning how to set energetic boundaries with Dark Masters and their crews.

That being said, our battles against Dark Masters include the global shut down of witchcraft. Magicians are always Dark Masters -- there is zero tolerance by Light Masters of witchcraft.

Not only do those who play with witchcraft tie into a demonic pact, they become consumed and compromised by the entity.

Again, no Light Master plays with witchcraft or magicianry.

We urge to stay away from it.

Witchcraft for covens, practitioners, and wizards is dangerous.

They pay to kill you through the practitioner with collateral contracts.

Light Masters have been working to shut down inorganic entities from Alpha Draco in the hitler principalities clearings, starting in 2020 when we won the Spiritual/Energy realm globally. The real white Jew Sirian female twins have been shutting down entities, witchcraft, and karmic successfully for the past years. We have won every war. We have conquered it all. Every month, we have Sirian gates that destroys 6 categories of witchcraft on this planet with Light antidote. We have shut down covens starting with their ringleaders, which has a cancer placement. Other placements to weary of evil twins and magicians are Gemini and Virgo (Wizards, evil twins). If you pay for a voodoo doll, don't be surprised when Light Masters make that voodoo doll your permanent life partner.

We know of these situations with karmic:

MKP Pattern

Karmics = Steal Kill Destroy Torture Money (proven)

Real Demons and Demonic possession using spiritual tools (proven)

Sacrifice and collateral with paying practitioners for kills (proven)

  1. Antisemitic Attacks on KATZ every time (I'm a real 12th house high priestess, Katz Kohen, vetted, is the priest of righteousness from the Original Tribe of 12 in Israel with Moses). Judaism predates the copycat religions of Islam and Christianity by at least 2500 years, and both copy Judaism in many ways, including Halal, which is Kashrut from Judaism first.

  2. Demonically possessed and demons who shapesfhift

  3. Sacrifice collateral with spellwork in paying practitioners

  4. Covens

  5. Class A warfare in the spiritual realm (proven)

  6. Torture and abuse

  7. Shapeshifter snake = trying to get away with murder

  8. Fox = homicidal fox

  9. Fox / Snake / Raccoon / Vulture / Black Widow

  10. Homicidial

  11. Demons are hog tied, a reversal of what they both do to their victims

  12. Satanic rituals and spellwork

  13. They put you up for collateral and sacrifice in their satanic practices and spellwork

  14. Try to getaway with murder

  15. Poisoning

  16. Bindings

  17. Blood in your food and drink

  18. Spellwork of every form

  19. Illusions

  20. Entities from spellwork

  21. Karmic cloning with theft of personality, ideas, work, for get rich quick schemes spellwork sex magick black magick conflict and separation magick illness magick glamour spells and any and all other forms (I know about them even if they aren’t listed there’s a science to your stupid and we know how to catch you)

  22. identity theft

  23. fake accounts

  24. money schemes

  25. plots plans schemes monkey wrenches

  26. manipulation

  27. Lies

  28. theft of work

  29. slander and defamation of character

  30. competition

  31. battles instigated on their attacks

  32. jealousy

  33. DSM narcissistic, sociopathic behavior which is automatically psychiatrist

  34. theft of work, ideas, and concepts without consent

  35. Games and mind games

  36. Fraud

  37. hacking

  38. hacking with geofencing

  39. win at all costs (finite games)

  40. energy harvesting and energy vampirism

  41. dna harvesting

  42. No consent from person they do it to

  43. stalking

  44. harassment

  45. Narcissistic projection and astral projection

  46. arrogance

  47. reptilian

  48. sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction)

  49. obsession

  50. delusional

  51. creates illusions

  52. uses spellwork to block cases and people

  53. blocks of any type on others

  54. manipulation of anyone else’s energy

  55. pregnancy traps and playing with reproduction to trap anyone in relationships

  56. traps of any type

  57. bullying and terrorizing

  58. tit for tat or one-ups-manship

  59. shapeshifter (material and spiritual authority have seen it in real time because they're idiots)

  60. get rich quick schemes

  61. Attack to play victim (oldest game in the book, they throw a rock and then tell you bullshit

  62. Severe personality disorder

  63. Blocking people's work

  64. Pills and blood in food and drink

  65. Their dark energy demonic mission

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