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A name for the Sirian Starseeds, a reader was caught using it to call on the Sirians. The Sirians confirmed Tehudi as the Sirians in an article online. Then she took money on Patreon and YouTube as well as took credit for the Sirians work. The entire time she was calling, "Tehudi." She didn't think she'd get caught, but she did.

Twisted thinking of lies, manipulation, slander, and shapeshifting:

1. Saying she's on the starseeds and galactic federation

2. Calls Tehudi

3. Screams I'm tired of white Jews

4. Says Moses shutting down the Hitler principalities with Exodus has something to with Nation of Islam

5. Sirians are real spiritual twins, white Jews, retribution for mengele twins

6. The Nation of Islam is antisemetic

7. The white Jew Sirian pisces masters twins are the real twins on the pleaidians plan

8. Moses is a JEW in Exodus

Black Nazi Egoic War was defeated, and we conquered in 2022. Same with the covens, practitioners, and wizards and their storm wars over the past few years.

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