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The spaceships are real. No they don't belong to any of the 5 core groups in the galactic federation (Sirian, Pleaidian, Lyran, Arcturian, and Andromeda.)

They are grey, draconian and reptilians ships. They are carrying inorganic material from alpha draco. The inorganic materials are entities that they embedded in the earth to power their witchcraft on the former grid that was collapsed in 2020.These entities are in witchcraft and have been on this planet for centuries, starting in Egypt, under the pharaoh, with Egyptian black magic, and African voodoo.

The Sirians are the Jews who were enslaved by the Egyptian pharaoh. The only group that could have built the pyramids are the Sirians, because Sirian Jews are the most advanced spiritual masters and warrior in the galaxy.

Islam copied Judaism 2.5 centuries after Judaism began. All Islam did was take out the 10 commandments, and replace it with jihad. They are all karmic clones.

The Sirians under Moses went with the 10 commandments in Exodus, and no false idolatry. It was a departure from slavery, and from witchcraft. The holy of the holies to the Jews is the 10 commandments.

Under witchcraft, one of the main tenets of the demonic mission that they are on, as discovered in their own admission, is to enslave among other things. Sacrifice and kill are part of their character as well in playing with witchcraft. Muslims are on the same demonic mission. These are the Hitler principalities -- black pharaoh, black nazi, covens, practitioners, and wizards.

In lionsgate 2020, the Sirians removed all of the entities in the principalities clearing, just a few weeks after we won the gates, and we won the spiritual realm. Light has now won as of 2020.

In that duration of time since 2020, I have worked diligently foiling all of the plots and plans of practitioners selling collateral kill contracts, especially on the heads of all galactic federation teammates.

All contracts for dark masters and their spiritual crews were cut, as well as all collateral contracts.

All grey, draconian, and reptilians contracts were cut. And the spaceships are grey, draconian, and reptilians.

Which means, they don't have any soul contracts throughout the entire galaxy.

Alpha draco is currently getting shut down.

We have a master block on all contracts. No one can get anything through. You think you can, but you can't.

All contracts were cut on the fact that the greys, draconians, and reptilians lied and manipulated on soul contracts for centuries. Each time, they'd say they would grow and learn, only to come down here to getaway with murder in witchcraft through entities. They never disclosed that they were on a demonic mission, until it was confirmed by their own admission.

The same demonic mission that the greys, draconians, and reptilians are on who are in the spaceships.

I've fought every spiritual war from every crew. They are all the same demonic mission. I've won every war with the help of Sirian Light Council.

It all correlates. It's all connected.

The highest levels of the Galactic Federation signed off on this in 2022.

All sectors are getting shut down.

Earth goes back under the Galactic Federation as a Light planet, under the watch of Sirius A and the Pleaidians.

The entities were removed in lionsgate 2020. All witchcraft gets dispelled every month from Sirian gates.

Despite what you've heard, the Galactic Federation is winning. Light Masters have shut this mission down. These spaceships won't be returning.

Yes, Sirius A and the Pleaidians have fleets of ships, who are Light Masters like everyone in the galactic federation.

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