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There's a song by Welshly Arms that I listen to often. As we come to the start of Lionsgate 2023, I feel this to be true more than ever before of our beloved team.

Most of all, Queen's we are the champions shows up in our frequency organically.

There are a few other songs... Muse's Survival. Beastie Boys Intergalactic. They have been ways to work on Sound Vibration and Harmonics, as well as focus and motivation for victories with all of the Sirian tactical we've been doing.

We have come so far from the original victory of Lionsgate 2020. The ops this Lionsgate are unprecedented.

I am so proud of each teammate, especially those that have put in 10+ years as a master. Last years Snake Death master lionsgate, the tactical is now showing clearly 1 year later. The results are in, and people are recognizing our skills and talents. We cannot be disputed anymore. Nor can those who want to take credit for our work get away with the lies, manipulation, and shapeshifting -- like black nazis, black pharaohs, covens, practitioners, wizards, draconians, greys, and reptilians do.

As of the confirmation in May 2023, we are moving forward with quantum leaps.

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