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I'm a vetted Ascended Master

As of 2020, I'm the Sirian lionsgate gatekeeper.

This lionsgate, I was again vetted as an ascended master.

In 2022, I was vetted the 10+ year Pisces master against snake death.

I'm a vetted ascended master.∞thymus-the-collective-of-ascended-masters/∞thymus-the-collective-of-ascended-masters/

You'll need to learn Sirian gate code to understand the light confirmations of my placement.

Sirian gate code for Lionsgate is 2023

And so those of you who are experiencing the root chakra cleansing that is necessary at this time will go through some of the physical symptoms or face some of the fears that you still need to face around your survival or your financial stability. And at the other end of all of that is the experience of mastery.∞thymus-the-collective-of-ascended-masters/

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