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Galactic Federation downloads

For the older masters, the downloads are taking on a different flavor. That's to break habits with clicks, and isolated groups.

First, for those who are facing problems with Dark Masters, downloads include instructions on how to put boundaries into a situation, energetically. That will help you. Sirians also are on rescue missions to get teammates out of collapsed situations. That is what we always do. If you need help, ask your Sirian first responder gatekeeper.

Boundaries are a part of PAX Partnership, which is how the downloads are guided intentionally. Empaths naturally speak partnership. It's worth the money to take Alison Armstrong's classes if you need help learning how to work on energy in partnership. I've found all her classes excellent in energy work.

However, since most of the males did NOT show up to help on coven, wizard, and practitioner warfare, we are refocusing efforts to balance the load. The girls won everything. If you weren't with the girls, then you're with hanging out with karmic females.

Aries North Node is 50/50, which is partnership. You are expected to contribute, show up, and do the work to help your teammates.

I've been doing all the work with the Sirian Jew masters Pisces 10+ years for the past few years, so during Aries North Node, it isn't us as Ding Dong girls that need to meet you halfway.

It's you that needs to be meet us halfway, and start carrying the weight of load of work.

Aries North Node says under Aries A Team and the Sirian Emperor, it's time to balance the load.

Next, clicks and isolated groups will not receive rewards from the federation. You are not your own group. You've received downloads on this. Dragons were expected to report to Light Council and told to make their way back to the federation.

Karmics are running the 5 point satanic ritual frequency to sacrifice you with witchcraft. It's part of the demonic pact that they have with the entities, brought in by the grey, draconians, and shapeshifters.

As we are in Aries North Node, the Sirian Emperor and A Team will continue to include Pisces 10+ years masters, since we as the females who have won all the wars against covens consistently since 2023,

Finally, you are NEVER to go activated nightside on any teammate. Plus, you are never to dragon a teammate. I was, and it breaks the rules of engagement. You don't respond until the crew starts. You wait until the coven declares the spiritual warfare. It is our job to SHUT IT DOWN and safely end the warfare. This is a violation of free will, and the person thought he was more advanced only to find out that I shut down coven ringleaders with Sirian gates and energy frequently, and his attack was childish.

As for gridders, I have proof that the Sirians are not only running the gates but also doing a lot of the gridding work in the collapse of the old grid and building of the new grid. So no, you don't have any excuses. I, too, worked on the grids in 2020, until I focused on the Sirian gates. You're too focused on things that don't matter. You're also not focused on the issues that are most important -- winning spiritual warfare against covens, practitioners, wizards, Neo nazi, black nazi, black pharaoh, and all of the hitler principalities as outlined in the Pleaidians plan.


The trajectories have been set for 4 buildings globally in 2026. For those who are on the Galactic officer Spiritual Authority badge path, or those who have earned a badge, you still have to do it in a legitimate way to be recognized. The formal badge program is being built right now. Expect changes and formal processes and protocols to be set. You have to be on the A Team to be a galactic officer.

We are working on getting budgets for salaries, so you can earn a living as a starseed and as a galactic officer. The 4 locations are designated by gate code Democracy, and a Sirian master in each location, dividing the global territory into 4 key sections for watch duty.

No, we have a master block on all contracts from the collateral sacrifice that was shut down on grays, reptilians, and draconians. Since they pay to kill and put money on federation twins, the master block on contracts will continue indefinitely. They're trying to take contracts and karmic clone/hijack for twin contracts through black magic and the 5 point satanic ritual frequency.

You are not to challenge this. You weren't there to help against covens, so solutions and protocols were set. You are to adhere to them at all times.

There are no contract adjustments at this time, because the lies and manipulation found in soul contracts over lifetimes is what is confirming the demonic mission that the grays, draconians, and reptilians are on.

The proof is already known and is part of how we are winning material cases.

The point of the 4 buildings is watch duty over dark masters, spiritual warfare, hitler principalities crews, and the shut down of their spiritual tools.

In having badges, we are continuing to bring in LAW, ORDER, and JUSTICE to the spiritual realm -- which really is the energy realm. Shutting down warfare, spiritual crews, and removing spiritual tools is imperative.

However, we are now moving into the era of building material cases against Dark Masters and Spiritual Crews.

You are to continue working on the emerald tablet, the 10 commandments and the Spiritual Laws/Laws of Physics.

You are not to violate anyone's free will. That's why you wait for the covens to declare war. Then we respond as law, order, and justice with badges. Then you win the war.

The point of the 4 building is also to build material cases against Dark Masters and their spiritual crews. This, too, is part of establishing law, order, and justice in the realm.

It's also the reason for the 4 formal buildings. Protocols and processes are being developed. You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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