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Defeat and End of Black Sun program, the Galactic Federation is winning on all levels

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

As the head of the Galactic Federation, I'm working on the Pleiadians plan to shut down Hitler principalities.

I currently have a winning position against this entire program through several cases. We have been winning tactically since Light Masters in the Galactic Federation won the realm on Lionsgate 2020. I have been running ops for years in the spiritual realm as a fully activated twin Sirian starseed.

Luciferian Thoth

I shut down a wizard

He's a demon, which was already proven. He's currently binded to his demon on Kimberly tarot, after doxxing me on Facebook as Kimberly Lee, and thousands of other cases.

He copied my identity, my work,

He's currently on the steal kill destroy torture money mission of Black Sun.

He is the main profile of Virgo wizard

Black Nazi Black Pharaoh

I shut down a set of evil twins Gemini and Virgo female

Who tried to enslave white Jew Sirians

They stole my identity and work

Took money for my work in the federation and tried to take credit for my shut downs

Proven "I'm tired of white Jews" and Ra, Ma'at and Horus on Black Nazi Black Pharaoh

In tandem with Nigerian scammers and witchcraft

They support the Islamic fundamentalists on Jihad with Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam, which syncs with Egypt Black Pharaoh and Black Nazi Jihad hatred by Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and the entire Islamic religion to hate Jews

Islam copied Judaism 2.5 centuries after, and replaced the 10 commandments with jihad and fatwah

Covens Wizards and Practitioners

I have perfect profiling on covens wizards and practitioners on the sell of collateral sacrifice contracts to kill Galactic Federation members, in particular Sirius A real twin mengele retribution twins.

Shapeshifter with kill placements on fox, black widow spider, and shapeshifter snake

Yakuza demons as in Yaku

Nureohna Domokomo and Domomaki

Pearl Harbor

Black covens

All covens of all ethnicities run the same dynamics

They stole my identity, work, and information to run money laundering schemes. They bought a collateral contract to kill me, with 6 groups of witchcraft which are now being destroyed on the gates: sex magic, black/conflict/kill/voodoo magic, glamour magic, sympathy magic

They paid for a voodoo to which we reversed it and made it their permanent life partner

I've ding donged the voodoo palaces globally

A letter

A kid copied my work on He lied and asked questions by text, but he went onto my site at 2 am and copied my work. Pleiadians Light Council confirmed the lies. He is a thief and a fraud. He wants the fame and money to be the IT boy.

He just copied me a 10+ year master who has all the work done as the Sirian holy grail keeper, and there can be only one, and it's me.

I've defeated all spiritual warfare successfully several times and it's known

Rehash of world war 2 and other wars in the spiritual

They run spiritual warfare

Pearl Harbor yakuza coven

Storm wars by covens

Black Nazi Egoic war

Luciferian Napoleon wars

Black Sun

Draconian Grey's and Reptilians



Covens wizards and practitioners

Black Nazi and Black Pharaoh

White Nazi

Jihad Islam

Hitler principalities

A Sirian stronghold was just implemented for Lionsgate 2023 by the top 4 Sirian black dragons. We have shut down all dark portals, and cut all contracts for their involvement in the Holocaust, the Inquisition, and kids.

We are running a honeycomb to export all demonic entities taken from exorcisms. The Sirians have successfully implemented this stronghold.

All who are Black Sun are running the demonic mission world war 2 rehash of steal kill destroy torture money

It's confirmed

Black Sun is a problem within the Starseeds collective. I quit the Institute because of her support of Black Sun, and a previous president who gives antisemitic speeches, support Neo nazis, and is running Black Sun in combination with other countries currently at war against the Ukraine. The Ukraine is backed by the Galactic Federation.

We collapsed the slave matrix grid, and now are running a high frequency from the Sirian gates to transmute the 5 point star satanic ritual frequency into 6 point Star of David freedom frequency on our Sirian gate trajectories.

We've systematically shut down all dark portals with the Sirian gates encoded to destroy 6 categories of witchcraft and spellwork

All draconian, grey and reptilians contracts were cut by the Galactic Federation in 2002. They are being bulk destroyed for being on this demonic mission, never to reincarnate again. They have been lying in their soul contracts and not admitting to being on this mission, and therefore the Galactic Federation has decided that they will never reincarnate again. All bloodlines have been cut going back to witchcraft and Moses Exodus.

Moses op by the Galactic Federation is successful.

David is the current op being run.

Material case behavior of these groups on this agenda

Identity theft

Identity fraud

Taking credit for my work

Money laundering

Fake businesses




Multiple personalities and identities



Steal kill destroy torture money

Spiritual warfare

(there's more documented in my actual cases these groups at the FBI)

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